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June 26, 2017

Why Prefer Yoga Over Other Physical Exercises For Long Term

We all have our own preferences for everything in life: be it the food, the restaurant, the clothes, the brand, the movie, the actors, friends, jobs , skills , music, workout music etc. etc. etc. And it’s so good to have varied preferences, it brings variety- the spice in life, It makes us feel unique and gives us a sense of being opinionated. Similarly, we tend to have our preferences for the kind of workout we choose. Some of us are passionate athletes and want to go running in our nike hotpants , some are gym enthusiasts and the sense of achievement obtained on posting those greek godish images on social media is worth every drop of sweat. Some are adventurous and trekking is an every weekend stress buster while some are into Pilates or some dance forms. While most of us unanimously love the workout regime where they sit on the sofa and hog on the ice cream!! Well all of them have a certain thrill in them , I personally enjoy all of them so much, it is difficult to choose one, And mostly in case of confusion, I choose the last one :P. I completely support all kinds of exercises and being a national level basket ball player , I absolutely love sports, the best way to learn to build team spirit practically at young age, be friendly, accept defeat as sportingly as success, sports fill you with unmatched passion!!

But being a yoga trainer, I get asked this one question many times: Why Yoga over gym ?

To this my personal answer is :

Though both are good, Yoga has the hidden benefits we do not pay attention to.

  1. While working out, we only focus on the external body and muscles , not much attention goes to the breath and inner body. Yoga brings your attention to the breath, reminding you that everything outside exists only till you are breathing, and focuses on inner body as well.
  2. You are generally listening to your workout music or watching the t.v. in the gym for your workout motivation , which means not much attention is paid to what is going on in the mind, the thoughts or in general how you feel from within. Yoga and meditation relax the mind and increase your sense of awareness while practicing.

    yoga poses

    yoga over gym : a different perspective

  3. Generally after a heavy workout, you are a little tired and would prefer to relax before you restart. After a session of yoga and meditation , you are absolutely ready to face the world as you are more energized. The mind is clean and clear to thing straight and function optimally. In fact if anything, work gets done faster because mind feels more content and happy.
  4. You mostly need props and need to get out of the house if you do not have a personal gym to lift those heavy weights , while yoga and meditation once learnt thoroughly can be done anywhere anytime. P.S. will also be sharing some cool yoga poses you can do even if you are a lazy bum!!
  5. Not everyone has the body type to be able to run, jump and lift heavy weights throughout their lives, but yoga is comparatively easier on the body, and improves the body functioning without much strain.
  6. There are less chances of getting an injured during yoga if done right, and flexibility can be increased gradually which reduces the risk of injuries and the affects of it.
  7. These being the major reasons, another one to add will be that the same results can be achieved with yoga if you have enough patience and time.

Wow!! I never knew I could come up with seven reasons, this is a surprise for me as well. But all that being said about yoga over gym ,I think we can all give it a try and decide what is best for us. Hope to see you all in my class soon. Much Love 🙂


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