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July 31, 2017

Yoga Poses For Glowing Skin

Admit it!We all love that naturally glowing skin more than any make up product that conceals it don’t we?!!

Our skin is more or less a reflection of our well being. The hair and skin are one of the best indicators of our mental and physical well being. Of course there are some that seem to be blessed with it, but most of us reflect what we eat , how much we exercise and how relaxed and stress free we are (does this stress you or does it make you feel better?).

Well, worry not because we have yoga to the rescue! Yoga actually calms the body and mind, by paying attention to the breath, we harmonize our system and feel more relaxed(oops!the secret is disclosed). Along with that, improving blood circulation throughout the body flushes out the toxins and helps nutrients reach the required areas.

So here I will start with some of the easiest postures that I regularly perform and you can start right away to achieve that glow you totally deserve.

1.Vajrasana : Vajrasana or the diamond pose is one of the easiest and most effective pose in Yoga. Very popular for it’s benefits in digestion, it was one of the common practices in the Indian households in the past.

Vajrasana cures many stomach related problems and improves digestion. A well digested food leads to better nutrition reach and therefore healthier skin and hair. It also stimulates blood circulation in the body. A few minutes of it will even calm your mind down. Will release a post shortly on it’s numerous benefits besides blessing us with outer beauty.




2. Shishuasana: Shishu asana or bal asana is one of the most relaxing poses to do, of course nothing beats Shavasana right?!

It improves circulation of blood in the body and relaxes the nervous system to a great extent, thereby leading to a stress free you. It is also said to alleviate stomach related problems like constipation and improves flexibility of the back and neck muscles. Also improves breathing style.




3. Trikonasana: The triangle pose, is very similar to what we did in our PT sessions in school isn’t it?

Apart from cutting the flab from your love handles, it also improves the texture and health of your skin. What more can a girl ask for right? Besides it also opens up and strengthens the sides of the body. Overall a must do asana for the health freaks.




4. Ustrasana: The camel posture is again a pose with multiple benefits. From providing flexibility to reducing fat, there is nothing this posture will not provide you with.

The pose stretches the back and therefore helps reduce back pain, relaxes the neck, back and abdominal muscles thereby also cures stomach back and neck related problems. It cuts the fat deposit in the areas including thighs along with providing blood circulation to the face and head and stimulates the endocrine glands. This is very helpful for overall well being and beauty that reflects it.


The camel pose


5. Matsyasana: Matsyasana is famously called the “destroyer of all diseases” as it is very helpful for overall well being and good health.

It improves posture which automatically improves circulation and breathing. Along with that it stimulates the abdominal and back muscles making them stronger and healthier.




6. Padhastasana: The forward bending pose has many variations, like placing the hand above or below the foot, touching your nose to the knee.

This is superb for the core muscles,it strengthens the core and the lower back muscles. Improves digestion and of course circulation to the head and face region along with tucking your tummy.It also improves stability.




7. Adho Mukha Shwanasan: The downward facing dog pose is more of a fun pose you do give your kids a ride!!

Very effective in removing fatigue or stiffness. It relaxes the mind and body. It also improves circulation of blood to the brain cells (So beauty with brains : check!!).


Adhomukhswanasana : The downward facing dog pose

So here were some really simple on the go yoga poses for all of you willing to achieve a healthy, beautiful. glowing and younger looking skin and with healthy and silky hair.

Take out your yoga mats and get into you yoga pants right away !!



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One thought on “Yoga Poses For Glowing Skin

  1. Divyanshu Dhingra says:

    Nice blog !! Didn’t go through the full content which I will shortly. But the content is nicely composed . Pictorial is also good.

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