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corporate chic look

August 27, 2017 Lifestyle , Lifestyle 2 responses # , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The Corporate Chic Look II – Dressing Ideas To Slay At Work


I am sure all of us working women out there would love to have some styling and dressing ideas for everyday slay.So here is another one from the corporate chic look. I usually post about modern corporate dressing style or even corporate casuals but they can very well be pulled off on any corporate affair!! P.S. do be aware of your company’s  dressing do’s and dont’s, you don’t wanna get that corporate bytes do you!!

As I always say, I believe in affordable fashion. Clothes are a major, super major part of our lives and we should definitely focus on our looks but that should not be the region where all our hard earned savings are drained right?! So I came up with this chic look you can pull off with things that are already existing in your wardrobe.

Girl in corporate dress for ladies with heels and accessories

Slay every day

I am wearing a (almost high waist) jeans which I bought from Pantaloons I think a few months back. An almost coastal green tank top from H&M coz of course when does any look get done without this brand!! A blazer from RIG that was gifted to me from a friend. A Bohemian necklace and a sling bag from street fashion. The pumps are from Betee, it’s one of the good old shoe shops here in Pune.

girl showcasing corporate dress for ladies

The only reason I will ever look back is to pick up that hoop earring I just dropped

girl profile view wearing corporate dress for ladies with accessories

Did someone say Boss Girl!!

Also tried a little bit of make up this time but I think I’d do better without it.Do put down your suggestions guys they really matter.

Girl showcasing The corporate chic lookGirl with blazer in corporate dress for ladiesgirl showcasing The corporate chic lookGirl showcasing the corporate chic look

So that’s all from this look guys. Hope you are finding my posts useful. Do subscribe for the regular dose of sass and fashion!

August 21, 2017 Lifestyle one response # , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The Corporate Chic Look : Going Semi Formal in Style

Hey loves!

It’s again been a long time since I posted.In my defense, I was extremely busy with a lot of tasks at hand. My interests and involvements have always been so varied, I won’t deny,on some days I am really craving for sleep!! Ook too much of all of that, frankly speaking, that’s life, I am blessed to be able to contribute so much, can’t complain!! 😀

As I am also a working woman, I know how difficult it is to choose an outfit on regular basis that is suitable for the corporate world and yet looks authentic and stylish. ‘Coz of course, the idea is to look killer as you kill it!! Going a little semi formal can not only help in utilizing that collection you are so fond of but don’t get to wear, but also give you that chic look you deserve.So I took this mehndi green lacy two layered frill top from ONLY (Omg imagine actually saying all of these adjectives in a sentence!!). And paired it with a bodycon pencil skirt from H&M.


corporate chic style

Doing It The Corporate Chic Style

I found this combination to be a little unique for a formal wear and it also looks sexy.A white shirt is always an option.In fact I also paired it with a white tee from H&M on another occasion. But the top is adding the much required quirk to the look. You can also team it up with a blazer if that A.C. is freezing the hotness!!

Accessorizing is totally an option and the kind of accessory preferred is also an option. Wearing a thin silver,oxidized silver or golden chain with a delicate pendent will totally work for a subtle sober accessory. If you want to go all bold and beautiful, you can try some bohemian neck piece  like I have. I Picked this bohemian jewellery from the street stall at dirt cheap price.

corporate chic style

When your bestie is cracking you up and you can’t help it!!

corporate chic style

For the footwear, I found this pointed toe thin heeled formal shoes in my aunt’s collection and felt it would completely go with the look. So I actually stole to complete this look for you guys!!!!

corporate chic style

Ever tried fitting in some one else’s shoes?!!!

corporate chic style

corporate chic style

I hope you liked it.Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram and Facebook if you try this one.



Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Steve Madden

Lipstick: Lakme

Watch: Titan

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