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August 8, 2017 Lifestyle no responses # , , , , , ,

When I got Farzified, Yet Again!!

So friendship day was just round the corner right?Friends are the most basic and no matter how caught up you are doing nothing :P, it is your moral duty to make them realize how much they mean to you,watsay? I am sure all of you celebrated it with your tribe. In fact I would love to know how ya all created your memories this year in the comment section.

And therefore, I accomplished my moral duty on Sunday. Idressed up to visit the little next door for brunch as we are yet to discover that. So I teamed a white tee with a dungriee(yayyy) along with white shoes and a watch,going minimal yet stylish is best for all of us who prefer comfort with style.Dungries are an easy way to look fashionable and sit comfortable, except in the washroom!! But as it is under renovation for now, we headed to a place we can never go wrong with: Farzi Cafe, Pune!!! And we had the time of our life again!! Frankly speaking, even a chai tapri with friends is too much fun for me but a great ambience and finger licking food is the much needed bonus we all loved.

farzi cafe pune

In the feels to sing the bluffmaster rap!!

So let me start with the ambience. One word: Perfect! the interior is so beautifully decorated, specially what they did with those cement walls, someone really had a vision while they designed it!! The vintage love of type writers for bills, and telephone booth is so unique to farzi!!

farzi cafe pune

farzi cafe pune : vintage love

farzi cafe pune

Typing your own life story:be careful, once committed cannot be edited!!

The mishti doi for digestion, omg I just love the welcome with that!And the candifloss gujiya paan in the end. The best part of Farzi is:style of presentation. It feels like someoneĀ  really cares enough for you to enjoy your meal and feel loved and pampered. Simply love it! The food is good and sufficient(for me at least,;P!!). I have liked the drinks whenever I have visited the place,mason jar is love anyway! The treatment is special.

farzi cafe pune

farzi cafe pune

The desserts: fingerlikin good! Parle G is the epitome of childhood innocence and memories and therefore Parle G cheese cake is love, but I’d prefer the rasmalai over it.

farzi cafe menu

Sugar stick much, from the previous times!!

The roof top is perfect for a dinner date night with all the candle light and the bar on fire,the romance sets on fire too!!

farzi cafe pune

When ur bff is bad at setting the frame šŸ˜›

farzi cafe pune

farzi cafe pune

All in all, perfect place for food, pictures, vintage love and catching up.Even if you feel it’s too much out of the pocket, you can surely try this once!!

Nothing Farji about this Farzi Cafe!!

August 7, 2017 Lifestyle 2 responses # , , , ,

Just One Of Those Saturday Getaways (Forever 21)

Just One Of Those Saturday Getaways (Forever 21)

Hey Guys!!

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Relaxing is all I can think of now, given how busy mine was. But then, you always have time for friends, don’t you?! Just caught up with a friend at starbucks and drove around the suburb of Pune, aaand look what I found!! Ok no doubt this city is beautiful, but in spite of all the hustle bustle in the concrete jungle, I found this beauty.

If you follow me on Instagram you would already be aware of my love for greenery as a lot of my pictures are around nature. And on seeing this, I just had to stop and get clicked!

forever 21 dresses

Forever 21 dresses


Had just picked up this beige/nude color bodycon dress from Forever 21 a few months back. The best part about the dress is it can be worn to office as well on a date.It’s comfortable and non revealing but takes your sensuality to a whole new level. Whenever I want to feel a little sexy and sober, this is one of my go to dresses.

oh no! you think I’d stop at that, if I have my accessories around me, I am definitely experimenting all kinds of things. Mismatch is the new match!! Trust me, being confident enough to try new combinations will only glorify your uniqueness.

forever 21 dresses

Whoever said monochrome ain’t stylish- knows nothing John Snow!

So I had this denim(and my obsession with denims) jacket with me, It was gifted by a relative from a shop in Paris.I appreciate his choice as the color is just superb.I love this jacket, it’s stylish and warm at the same time. Moreover, denims can usually be paired with many things.It just perfectly fits in.

forever 21 dresses

forever 21 dresses + shades + my favorite denim jacket

The shades are again from Forever 21. Omg! I must admit I’m a Forever 21 and h&m fan ain’t I? Well who Isn’t!

I had also stuffed a scarf my mom had gifted me on new year in my purse. Coz you know, in case of fashion emergency!! So I paired this majorly blue multicolored scarf as well.OK ladies!this is a good idea if you have a date right after office!! You can keep the scarf on to make it less distracting in office coz of course you are too hot to handle. A smart woman knows how to keep men at work as well as keep them off it!

forever 21 dresses

Ever tried the air hostess look?!

So here is the final look.

forever 21 dresses

yay! I am going

From monochromatic to ultra chromatic in minutes. Go ahead girls, slay today!! šŸ™‚

# forever 21 Dresses

August 4, 2017 Meditation , Mind over matter 2 responses # , , , , , , , , , , ,

A Tryst With Destiny

Hi Guys!!

Of all my blogs about the sessions I conduct and the outfits I wear, this one is a little different! In fact, if you do not believe in miracles or in the extraordinary potential each of us have to attain the highest potential as humans, in enlightenment and in the power of now, you may as well skip this post. I am not usually someone who opens up about my deepest inner feelings as I feel they are very exclusive special experiences which cannot be described as beautifully. But if this one post of mine can change the life of even one soul for the better, I am ready to take the plunge.

Bangaluru Ashram - My Guru Story

Wondering the amount of tapas I must have done to be able to pose here!! šŸ˜€
Bengaluru Ashram – My Guru Story

So here goes, I was a usual kid , born in a middle class family, at the age of three I had realized that everybody around had someone they called dad and I didn’t. So I went and asked my mother, and she told me he had passed away. Too young and innocent to really understand the value and the difference it would bring in my life in comparison to the usual kids, I moved on. I played, I studied, had strange, super strange, weird and wonderful experiences as I grew up. But I always felt there is something that is missing, I was not very satisfied, a little stressed and lost. Being an achiever in almost everything that came my way, I hit rock bottom when at the age of 16 every aspect of my outer life was in a mess and it certainly affected my inner world too. That feeling of incompleteness and stress just grew exponentially and I just knew I had to keep all of this aside and focus on rebuilding my inner self. Being an introvert, I did not know who to talk to and had a feeling that only I can cure myself. I was always interested in reading self help books, when little girls read Nancy Drew, I was reading how to win friends and influence people. As the urge to calm the mind grew, I started creating my own meditation, was listening to the power of now audio book.

I hadĀ  attended an introductory session of the ART OF LIVINGĀ  yes program happening for kids, I wanted to attend it to learn meditation and calm my mind, but I did not know how to tell my mom I needed it. So I just let it be. But then, my mom’s best friend, who coincidentally was also the one who came for the intro talk in school, introduced art of living to my mother. She insisted my mom to take the course. At this point I remembered that I have always known and wanted to be a part of this organization. When I was in second grade,while playing I had seen a picture of this graceful man, wearing a garland of lotuses in my friend’s house, with that contagious smile on his face. Usually not a person to ask so much,I asked her “Who is he?” , she and her father smiled and answered : “He is our Master, our guru“. Wasn’t sure if I understood what it meant, I just said alright and continued. After that, I had seen this same man in the news a few times, he looked authentic. When my mom was joining another organization, I actually wanted her to join the art of living as I felt their leader is someone genuine. But I did not say anything because I had no idea of how you could join one. But then after my 12th standard, I insisted on doing the Youth Empowerment Session course, and was desperate enough to do it with my scholarship money. The best decision of my life so far!!! The peace I experienced after the very first session of Sudarshan Kriya is always going to be inexplicable. It has hundreds of benefits that are listed on google and yet everyone has their own story with it.I am not really going into the technical details of it as all that can be found on google, all I would say is it is a very important part of my daily chores and everyone should experience it one in their lives.

Bangaluru Ashram - My Guru Story

The inner happiness after doing sudarshan kriya: it reflects
Bengaluru Ashram – My Guru Story

But I was too young to really accept someone as a GURU in my life. I was very self reliant and only accepted him as someone who could guide me and give me good experiences and energy to move forward (which is what he essentially does). I had read that being in the presence of an enlightened person would uplift my energy and I wanted to experience it. Then came this news that Sri Sri Ravishankar was coming to Pune. People were eager to meet him and were all arriving at the airport. Even I was called so I went too. My only aim was to feel his presence and know what it feels like. So I just stood there in the corner while everyone else was creating a mess in excitement. And suddenly in a few minutes, I felt like someoneĀ  has arrived, I just told myself to feel his presence, in no time, I was lost in deep meditation, I don’t know what happened after that , until he just came and stood next to me. I looked at him, he looked at me and automatically in a few seconds, I touched his feet and stated walking behind him. I saw people laughing, crying , screaming “I Love You Guruji”,the most popular sound when he is around, and I said to my amused self, that ya this happens when you see someone you adore, be it your family, your favorite superstar or anyone.And when he was gone far far away, I was still looking, and suddenly, the bouquet of blood red roses he had in his hand directly fell into my arms. I remembered how my ex boyfriend had recently told me to buy a red rose for myself for being so sweet, well someone was willing to offer the whole bouquet.

I just went home, and told everyone that I met a celebrity and put up a facebook status :D. But slowly and gradually, as I moved forward in life, I realized he was more than a celebrity for me. I saw unlimited grace, I experienced the divine blessings showering on me every moment.The moments around him are the ones I have truly lived and cherish. The usual problem with good people is they feel weak and are considered weak. When you know you have a support system that will never let you down, you walk with the strength of the truth. And trust me if your intention is pure and your will is strong, no power in this world can stop you from achieving what you deserve.

My Guru Story

Have you visited the Bengaluru/Bangalore Ashram yet?

At least each one of us should visit the art of living International centre in Bangalore once, It would surely be a different kind of trip, an inner journey while you witness one of the mega kitchens and other magical happenings.

Don’t disregard before you try, the beauty out there will surely out of joy make you cry!!



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