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You're Worth Living


April 22, 2017

MIND : Your Own Business

Ever caught yourself thinking why someone did something to you or they should not have said that something to you? Ever felt you are hurt and are losing your mind power because someone was rude or insensitive to your feelings?

“STORY O MY LIFE!!” many of us would say…

Well, there is one truth I am going to unfold for you here: YOUR HURT IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!! Yes, I know this may anger you and you want to punch me in the face for saying this. Of course you may be thinking what the hell does she know about how my ex cheated on me and how my parents forced me into something I never wanted to do(which is mostly science/ engineering according to the recent trends in India!). You know what, I totally agree with you, they have absolutely no right to do this,they are wrong.They deserve the fruits of their karma and the universe is a fair enough place to do the justice job. But no, what happened inside of you is absolutely your own creation.

All that happens outside can be felt and experienced by the senses.You can watch a beautiful scenery through your eyes, listen to great music through your ears, but can you really see what is going on in their minds? You may get an idea through their words or actions, but can you physically extract their brains and watch the thoughts moving and running? No right! The same is with your own mind.

You cannot control their minds either. It may appear that someone is good at playingmind games but that is false. If that was true, we would have no problems in the world,just take a class to learn the skills and spin the world on our fingers! Only if they chose to be controlled by you on a conscious or subconscious level can you really drive them. Does this upset you about your lack of control over others? Or does it empower you to know thepoweryou have over your ownmind? mind power game app

The external events of your life may or may not be in your total control but your mind is your own baby. That is why they say:

“Problems only exist in the human mind. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

So before you think of a startup or a new job or being a boss and all you ever want to do, just sit down and consider your own mind as your business. Use yoga and meditation as tools to create amind appfor yourself which is solely in your power. Create, operate,destroy,protect,succeed,grow and win not just in the mind but the mind itself. Be your own boss.

Your Mind . Your Business . Your Responsibility.

Blaming others is just cowardice and not taking full control of your life. So today, right now I want you to ask yourself a question:



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One thought on “MIND : Your Own Business

  1. Rajot Ghosh says:

    Great approach towards mind,Parul…

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