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August 27, 2017 Lifestyle , Lifestyle 2 responses # , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The Corporate Chic Look II – Dressing Ideas To Slay At Work


I am sure all of us working women out there would love to have some styling and dressing ideas for everyday slay.So here is another one from the corporate chic look. I usually post about modern corporate dressing style or even corporate casuals but they can very well be pulled off on any corporate affair!! P.S. do be aware of your company’s  dressing do’s and dont’s, you don’t wanna get that corporate bytes do you!!

As I always say, I believe in affordable fashion. Clothes are a major, super major part of our lives and we should definitely focus on our looks but that should not be the region where all our hard earned savings are drained right?! So I came up with this chic look you can pull off with things that are already existing in your wardrobe.

Girl in corporate dress for ladies with heels and accessories

Slay every day

I am wearing a (almost high waist) jeans which I bought from Pantaloons I think a few months back. An almost coastal green tank top from H&M coz of course when does any look get done without this brand!! A blazer from RIG that was gifted to me from a friend. A Bohemian necklace and a sling bag from street fashion. The pumps are from Betee, it’s one of the good old shoe shops here in Pune.

girl showcasing corporate dress for ladies

The only reason I will ever look back is to pick up that hoop earring I just dropped

girl profile view wearing corporate dress for ladies with accessories

Did someone say Boss Girl!!

Also tried a little bit of make up this time but I think I’d do better without it.Do put down your suggestions guys they really matter.

Girl showcasing The corporate chic lookGirl with blazer in corporate dress for ladiesgirl showcasing The corporate chic lookGirl showcasing the corporate chic look

So that’s all from this look guys. Hope you are finding my posts useful. Do subscribe for the regular dose of sass and fashion!

August 8, 2017 Lifestyle no responses # , , , , , ,

When I got Farzified, Yet Again!!

So friendship day was just round the corner right?Friends are the most basic and no matter how caught up you are doing nothing :P, it is your moral duty to make them realize how much they mean to you,watsay? I am sure all of you celebrated it with your tribe. In fact I would love to know how ya all created your memories this year in the comment section.

And therefore, I accomplished my moral duty on Sunday. Idressed up to visit the little next door for brunch as we are yet to discover that. So I teamed a white tee with a dungriee(yayyy) along with white shoes and a watch,going minimal yet stylish is best for all of us who prefer comfort with style.Dungries are an easy way to look fashionable and sit comfortable, except in the washroom!! But as it is under renovation for now, we headed to a place we can never go wrong with: Farzi Cafe, Pune!!! And we had the time of our life again!! Frankly speaking, even a chai tapri with friends is too much fun for me but a great ambience and finger licking food is the much needed bonus we all loved.

farzi cafe pune

In the feels to sing the bluffmaster rap!!

So let me start with the ambience. One word: Perfect! the interior is so beautifully decorated, specially what they did with those cement walls, someone really had a vision while they designed it!! The vintage love of type writers for bills, and telephone booth is so unique to farzi!!

farzi cafe pune

farzi cafe pune : vintage love

farzi cafe pune

Typing your own life story:be careful, once committed cannot be edited!!

The mishti doi for digestion, omg I just love the welcome with that!And the candifloss gujiya paan in the end. The best part of Farzi is:style of presentation. It feels like someone  really cares enough for you to enjoy your meal and feel loved and pampered. Simply love it! The food is good and sufficient(for me at least,;P!!). I have liked the drinks whenever I have visited the place,mason jar is love anyway! The treatment is special.

farzi cafe pune

farzi cafe pune

The desserts: fingerlikin good! Parle G is the epitome of childhood innocence and memories and therefore Parle G cheese cake is love, but I’d prefer the rasmalai over it.

farzi cafe menu

Sugar stick much, from the previous times!!

The roof top is perfect for a dinner date night with all the candle light and the bar on fire,the romance sets on fire too!!

farzi cafe pune

When ur bff is bad at setting the frame 😛

farzi cafe pune

farzi cafe pune

All in all, perfect place for food, pictures, vintage love and catching up.Even if you feel it’s too much out of the pocket, you can surely try this once!!

Nothing Farji about this Farzi Cafe!!

August 7, 2017 Lifestyle 2 responses # , , , ,

Just One Of Those Saturday Getaways (Forever 21)

Just One Of Those Saturday Getaways (Forever 21)

Hey Guys!!

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Relaxing is all I can think of now, given how busy mine was. But then, you always have time for friends, don’t you?! Just caught up with a friend at starbucks and drove around the suburb of Pune, aaand look what I found!! Ok no doubt this city is beautiful, but in spite of all the hustle bustle in the concrete jungle, I found this beauty.

If you follow me on Instagram you would already be aware of my love for greenery as a lot of my pictures are around nature. And on seeing this, I just had to stop and get clicked!

forever 21 dresses

Forever 21 dresses


Had just picked up this beige/nude color bodycon dress from Forever 21 a few months back. The best part about the dress is it can be worn to office as well on a date.It’s comfortable and non revealing but takes your sensuality to a whole new level. Whenever I want to feel a little sexy and sober, this is one of my go to dresses.

oh no! you think I’d stop at that, if I have my accessories around me, I am definitely experimenting all kinds of things. Mismatch is the new match!! Trust me, being confident enough to try new combinations will only glorify your uniqueness.

forever 21 dresses

Whoever said monochrome ain’t stylish- knows nothing John Snow!

So I had this denim(and my obsession with denims) jacket with me, It was gifted by a relative from a shop in Paris.I appreciate his choice as the color is just superb.I love this jacket, it’s stylish and warm at the same time. Moreover, denims can usually be paired with many things.It just perfectly fits in.

forever 21 dresses

forever 21 dresses + shades + my favorite denim jacket

The shades are again from Forever 21. Omg! I must admit I’m a Forever 21 and h&m fan ain’t I? Well who Isn’t!

I had also stuffed a scarf my mom had gifted me on new year in my purse. Coz you know, in case of fashion emergency!! So I paired this majorly blue multicolored scarf as well.OK ladies!this is a good idea if you have a date right after office!! You can keep the scarf on to make it less distracting in office coz of course you are too hot to handle. A smart woman knows how to keep men at work as well as keep them off it!

forever 21 dresses

Ever tried the air hostess look?!

So here is the final look.

forever 21 dresses

yay! I am going

From monochromatic to ultra chromatic in minutes. Go ahead girls, slay today!! 🙂

# forever 21 Dresses

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