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May 1, 2017 Lifestyle no responses

Makeup Steps To No Makeup

In the times of smokey eyes and make up tutorials, it is no surprise all of us are so conscious about our looks and appearances. Even a pimple on the face has got the power to stop us from going to that party we have been planning to go to forever. Uncountable selfies, social media swag, overtly judgemental surroundings, most of us are living under the social pressure and anxiety to look like Monalisa as they step out.

While outer appearance does play a key role in reflecting the inner self a lot of times, but overdoing it just for the sake of society is not the best idea to follow.

And therefore, here are my steps to look good:

No make up at all!!

Yes I know most of you are already wondering how you would face people without it. The answer is another question: Can you face yourself without it?

If yes, then have the courage to walk out of that door feeling and knowing that you are absolutely beautiful and nothing artificial can be more beautiful than that.

No wait! I am not telling you to sit in your marriage ceremony with your bed head hairstyle!! But there are times we just want to be out real natural self, and not be tired of all the paintings over us right?

Here is a picture of me without makeup, which is how I mostly walk out. Minimalism has its own grace only the intelligent can notice.

Coz just a lipstick is deadly enough

Coz just a lipstick is deadly enough

So ladies, just go out there and be yourself. Bring that make up revolution!!Don’t be afraid to show the real you!!Much Love!

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