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March 4, 2018 Lifestyle 2 responses # , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Kurta With Boots : Revolutionizing Indian Wear With Grace

Hey Guys!!

Being an Indian girl, I and all of us have the added advantage of being able to carry a completely different set of the most graceful outfits. Yess!! the Indian Wear. The traditional variety and richness of this country has got not match in the entire world in my opinion.

I am sure we all love to wear our Sarees, lehengas and Punjabi dresses and look beautiful. But experimenting and creating some interesting fusions with them is the birth right of every new age fashionista out there.

So I did a simple experiment last week when I went out with a friend for just another evening.

Yass!! A white long kurta with black boots!! We all have that one white kurta in our wardrobe we can try to style differently. Why not use those boots we snugged in some corner of our house and bring out some creativity?!! Pairing white shirt with silver is an ongoing trend and taking a step ahead to pair them with a white kurta can get you those extra marks in your style score sheet!!

Kurta with boots

Revolutionizing Indian Wear with Grace

Kurta with boots

Kurta with boots

Wearing two silver chokers here, both purchased from amazon, just love the big one. Oxidized silver is the one of the easiest ways to make any outfit look fashionable. kurta from westside, actually my mom’s , stole it years back :P.Boots from ..somewhere in phoenix market city Pune!!

Kurta with boots

Kurta with boots

Kurta with boots

Kurta with boots

Trust me girls, only we have the ability to revolutionize and rock this Indo western look and create our own style, Use this superpower as often as you can.Hope you guys liked the look, share your views in comments below.

Love <3


March 4, 2018 Lifestyle no responses # , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

tHe Tech oF Aztec

Hey guys!

Spring Summer 2018 is here and we are all ready to push our winter chinchilla fur in the box again and get out there in those hot shorts and cool breezy one pieces.

I was just cleaning (apparently) my wardrobe and I found two of my old long forgotten outfits that I completely love and find a little unconventional.

My Aztec Prints!! Yes I have completely loved the aesthetic appeal of Aztec prints and find them chic and unconventional.

So here is my first look in this summery dress my best friend got for me from H&M.

Summer feels

The Tech Of Aztec

Spring summer 2018

As candid as it can get

summer feels

coz layering is mandatory 😀

Love the design it has on the tummy and shoulder region, sets it apart from a usual short dress. Wore it with this black beaded bracelet, seems to be made with tamarind seeds and goes well with every category of outfits. I usually wear it whenever I am in a hurry and my mind is occupied with something else because I know this will somehow match up with any look. Not to miss out on those floral earrings, they are one of my favorites and match perfectly with this one. Wore these sandals because they were the first thing I saw at the shoe rack.

So clearly not much thought has gone into this look. But isn’t that the whole point? Looking effortlessly stylish is the key to happiness and success!!:)

For my second look I pulled out this sweater crop top with  those lose ends you can tie the flaps with. This more of a winter outfit but you can wear it in mild winter and summer as you can see it is not really gonna protect you from those chilzz!!

the tech of aztec

amateur profiling

summer feels, the tech of aztec

An eye candy for an eye makes the whole world beautiful!! 😉

Paired it up with those red palazzo  I tried turning into pants but of course, who has the patience to tie them up right?!! Girl got no chill!! Completed the look with golden hoops(as you can conclude from my instagram account, I am a fan of hoops), and a pretty butterfly pendant gifted by my friend and my mom’s golden bangle.In short, wanted to wear  this Aztec print with a pant to complete the look and your comments below can really help me know how you feel about it and if you would like to try it too.

Happy Aztecking!!

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